Each set features three hand blown recycled glass 375 ml bottles containing the following expressions:


Cuerno+Chino - an ensemble of two subspecies of the Salmiana agave of San Luis Potosi. Fermented below ground in a stone vessel with pulque, and distilled in a three-part clay pot still to 50% ABV in micro batches of roughly 80 liters, this spirit exhibits flavors of chiles, cucumber, mint and more. 


Cupreata+Papalometl+Espadilla+Espadin - This ensamble from Puebla was fermented in bull hides and distilled in a Filipino style still that features a hollowed out Coral tree trunk as the neck of the still. With just 100 liters made, this expression came out to 47% ABV. Tasting notes include caramelized pecans, tanned hide, apricots and more.


Cuishe: From the hills of Chichicapam Oaxaca, Luneta's wild Cuishe is made by female mezcalera Angelica Garcia Vasquez. Angelica uses traditional Oaxacan methods such as tahona grindstone mill, cypress wood fermentation and copper pot distillation. With just 150 liters produced, this batch came out to 46.5% ABV and tastes of fresh cut grass, grapefruit, soil and more.


Luneta's uncertified mezcal Connoisseur's Set is a superb addition to your personal collection or an excellent gift for craft spirits lovers.

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  • We visit and build personal relationships with all mezcaleros we purchase from. The mezcaleros we work with have a history of at least three generations crafting mezcal in their family.  They utilize stills with a capacity of 250 liter or less. No two batches are ever the same.