Full of flavor and aroma, this artesenal agave spirit exudes notes of spiced cider, grapefruit, and smoked gouda. Crafted by master distiller Angelica Vasquez in Chichicapam, Oaxaca from wild agave karwinskii, Luneta's Cuishe is roasted below ground with mesquite and oak wood. It is smashed with a tahona (horse-drawn grindstone), fermented with naturally occuring yeast in cypress wood vats and twice distilled in copper.  Angelica produced around 160 liters of this delicious spirit.


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  • We visit and build personal relationships with all mezcaleros we purchase from. The producers we collaborate with belong to  families that have been crafting traditional agave spirits for at least three generations.  They utilize stills with a capacity of 250 liter or less. No two batches are ever the same.