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Madre Cuishe (a. Karwinskii) takes 7 to 10 years to grow


Mama Chuy’s Madre Cuishe Destilado con Yerba Santa + Cafe is crafted by 4th generation Master Distiller Ageo Cortes in Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. After shaving the agave hearts to its core, Ageo roasted them below ground in an earthen oven for 8-10 days. The oven was fueled by a blend of local woods (Encino, Mesquite, Palo de Aguila & Yegareche) atop volcanic rocks, covered with soil. He then takes the fresh cooked agave, mills it using an Ox drawn grind stone & transfers it into Cypress wood vats where it ferments using well water. It was distilled a second time with Yerba Santa from Cortes' family farm + coffee sourced from Chiapas in a small Refrescadera copper pot still.


This batch yielded 30 liters at 90 proof. Only 33 bottles produced

Destilado con Yerba Santa + Cafe

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  • We visit and build personal relationships with all mezcaleros we purchase from. The producers we collaborate with belong to  families that have been crafting traditional agave spirits for at least three generations.  They utilize stills with a capacity of 250 liter or less. No two batches are ever the same. 

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