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Espadin (a. angustifolia) takes  5 to 8 years to grow

Tobasiche (a.karwinskii) takes 7 to 14 years to grow


Made in San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca by Miguel Martinez, this artisanal expression is roasted with mesquite & oak in an earth oven, milled by horse drawn grind stone, fermented in cypress wood & twice distilled in a copper pot still. The blend of 80% Espadin & 20% Tobasiche creates layers of complexity that go beyond your typical Espadin. At a full bodied 46% ABV. GRANALTA is delightful to sip on its own or mix in a cocktail. An excellent option for the mezcal curious as well as seasoned connoisseurs.


Complex grassy aroma with flavor notes of cucumber, wet stone & nuts.

Espadin + Tobasiche

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