Explore our staple collection plus two bonus expressions with Luneta's mezcal tasting kit. Each kit features five 50 ml bottles including Verde + Chino, Papalometl, Mexicano, Cuishe and Tobala. The Cuishe and Tobala are crafted by master mezcalera Angelica Garcia Vazquez, in Chichicapam, Oaxaca using agave karwinski (Cuishe) and agave potatorum (Tobala). Angelica, distills her spirits in the same distillery as her mother and law, Berta Vazquez. She roasts her agave's in an underground earthen oven with mesquite and oak woods, mills them with a tahona (horse-drawn grind stone), ferments them in cypress wood vats and distills them twice in small copper pot stills. 

Tasting Kit

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  • We visit and build personal relationships with all mezcaleros we purchase from. The producers we collaborate with belong to  families that have been crafting traditional agave spirits for at least three generations.  They utilize stills with a capacity of 250 liter or less. No two batches are ever the same.