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Emanating notes of jalapeno, green mango & smoked gouda, this craft spirit is made using Verde + Blanco, two wild subspecies of the agave Salmiana in Palmar Segundo, San Luis Potosí. Distilled by brothers Daniel & Jesus Navarro, the ancestral liquor is cooked in an above ground earthen oven using agave pencas (leaves) and roots. It is then milled with a tahona (horse-drawn grind stone), squeezed with a hammock-like net, fermented with pulque below ground in a stone and cement vat and distilled in three clay pots with a copper lid manual cooling condenser. Each batch from the Navarro brothers is just 80 to 90 liters. Only 106 bottles were made of this variety with a smooth 48% alc.vol. 


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  • We visit and build personal relationships with all mezcaleros we purchase from. The producers we collaborate with belong to  families that have been crafting traditional agave spirits for at least three generations.  They utilize stills with a capacity of 250 liter or less. No two batches are ever the same. 

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